About Us



“Hey Steve, what is THIS?”. And there I sat, as my mentor, teacher, ally, and long-time friend, Dr. Steve Stockdale, explained to me the meaning behind a piece of parchment, with two gracefully hand-written Japanese characters on it.

“It’s Kaizen – and it means ‘continuous improvement’. It was given to me by my sensei when I received my black belt in Aikido.”

I sat and contemplated what he had just said, “continuous improvement”. It grabbed me. I have learned to pay attention to phrases, quotes, ideas, thoughts, etc. that cause me to feel this way.

“Kaizen”, I repeated to myself. Two Japanese characters that translate to a phrase that literally sums up everything I believe to be true about health and a life well lived. It’s an ongoing commitment to yourself. It’s a journey not a destination.

“Steve, can I borrow this? I am making copies of it. It’s going in our office. It’s brilliant!”

And so, it sits as a summary statement of who we are and what we believe at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs. Kaizen lives alongside another often used phrase in our office of “experiment, fail, learn, repeat”. As a business, we don’t aim for perfection but instead aim to learn and grow… continuously. This means we are constantly adding to our business practices, the new ideas and policies that keep our business moving forward such as online billing, reasonable pricing, and state of the art equipment. As professionals, it means we are constantly learning. We pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest research in our field as well as looking to bring new ideas and techniques to improve treatment outcomes. We are, and continue to be, the most experienced team in town and the state of Colorado. We have long given up the idea of trying to “sell” ourselves to anyone. Instead, our marketing strategy has been simple… “continuous improvement”. We absolutely love what we do. We are excited and driven by learning, researching and expanding our professional palate. The methodology that we are now teaching to other clinics across the country comes from being able to integrate information from a wide variety of sources into an extensive and accessible treatment modality.

For our clients, it means we are meeting them where they are at, while on their quest for better health. Our job is to assess what you need and figure out the best way we can help. For some, this means you are here for a specific purpose, let’s say, to increase focus and attention. Our staff will help you improve your focus with multiple different techniques. At the end of your treatment, we will send you on your way with greatly enhanced focus/attention, including tools to take with you, for continual improvement long after you have left. And as a rule, the door is always open for anyone to return, at any time.

We have found over the years that many of our patients do stay on (or return) after their initial neurotherapy sessions to reach goals that that they had previously deemed unobtainable. For them, the initial improved health and brain functioning opens a door. They find that they want to and can finally tackle even more. For some it’s coaching to achieve personal goals. It can also be; life coaching, working on family and marital relationships, personal therapy, trauma/PTSD therapy, stress management, and the list goes on.

“If you build it, they will come”. And we did… with the goal of building something truly different. And they did… because we built it well. Our business has been successful because we have worked hard on building long-term relationships with our clients and our community. Our success has been built solely on word of mouth from past patients and professionals that have successfully referred to us over the years. Our wish is to continue to build an amazing and mutually beneficial business for ourselves, the wonderful people that live here and our professional community.

Neurotherapy is our niche. It is what we do all day, every day. The philosophy of “continual improvement” is why we occupy the top of our niche.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to gather more information. We are here to help.

Chris Edwards MS, NCC, LPC

P.S. I am aware that the exact quote is, “If you build it, HE will come”. Come join us in our amazing lecture space as we discuss this cognitive distortion along with many interesting aspects of the brain, health, and cognition.