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I have known and worked with Chris Edwards for over 10 years now.  Prior to meeting, I was still operating under the old belief system that the brain was immutable or unable to be changed after age 23, for most patients.  In my initial training we were taught that there was very little that could be done, from an organic standpoint, for anyone who had sustained some type of insult or injury to the brain.  The same was true for mental patterns that had been established as a child or young adult.  When I first met Chris, I had just started learning functional medicine.  This is really where our practices started to overlap.  Since then we have shared numerous patients over the years.  He often refers patients to me to look for food sensitivities and other sources of inflammation.

I have seen Chris and his team make profound changes in the lives of many patients that I have treated over the years.  I have watched him grow from a one-man operation to training and having a staff of 2 additional therapist.   His approach is unique in that he tries to address the whole person and not just the brain, using an integrative approach.  He not only looks at the brain and how it is communicating with itself, but at the way that lifestyle is contributing to and possibly impairing the recovery of the brain.  Some of the areas he looks at include nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, chronic stress, emotional and psychological coping strategies, and for signs and symptoms of systemic inflammation.  

I have seen patients from seven to seventy experience significant improvement from neurotherapy.  Although all ages benefit from neurotherapy, this is especially true with the children and young adults.  I have seen patients with severe ADHD become calm and focused.  I have seen patients with anxiety and or depression develop the ability to function comfortably without medication.  Patients with traumatic brain injuries are an especially interesting area where I have seen dramatic results with Chris’s application of neurotherapy.  Even years after they have completed conventional physical or cognitive therapy, I have seen patients experience sustained increase in their mental clarity and dexterity, improved response to stress, enhanced quality of sleep, and improvement in relationships with friends and family members.

In my own life Chris has also made a profound difference.  He helped me to significantly reduce different medications I was using.  Several years prior to meeting Chris, I had undergone surgery on the back of my brain and skull for what is called a Chiari malformation.  While working with him, I was able to see what my brain was doing, in real time, while taking medication and as a result was able to significantly decrease my use of medication.  I do not believe this would have been possible without Chris’ extensive understanding of neurotherapy and his ability to interpret results in the moment.  

I highly recommend Chris and his team for any of the problems I have discussed above.  They have extensive knowledge and training in neurotherapy.  Many people practicing neurotherapy use a symptom-based approach.  Meaning that they apply a “one size fits all” protocol based on the symptoms the person is having.  For neurotherapy to be beneficial, each person’s plan must be tailored to the specific patterns of their brain and then adjusted as these patterns change.

Denver Hager, PA-C, MPAS
Certified Functional Medicine Provider
Good Medicine
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I have known Dr. Steve Stockdale for more than 20 years. Dr. Stockdale has provided his expertise in qEEG and neurofeedback to myself and my staff at the Amen Clinics. Not only is he highly proficient and knowledgeable in his work, he is also a wonderful mentor who presents with warmth and kindness. Over the years, I have learned of the innovative techniques Dr. Stockdale and Chris Edwards are bringing to the field of neurofeedback, including those with an emphasis on applying the principles and practices endorsed by integrative/functional medicine. I trust that Dr. Stockdale and Chris Edwards train an immaculate staff at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs and give them my highest endorsement. 


Daniel Amen MD
Founder and CEO, Amen Clinics
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As a clinician, I always have my ears open for “the great ones” – those about whom clients and colleagues rave.  So, after listening to a number of people rave about Chris Edwards and how much he’d helped their loved ones, and how much they loved him personally, I had to find out who he was! 

While the numbers of clinicians using Neurofeedback is growing in popularity, I have yet to meet anyone as thorough in their methods or as vastly knowledgeable as Chris. 

Not only is Chris passionate about his work and extremely well educated, but also, he is able to explain it to the rest of us in a way that is understandable.  He can relate just as well to my teenage son who doesn’t really want to be there, but knows he needs help, to my skeptical, yet curious husband, or to a fellow admiring clinician. 

I also greatly appreciate his holistic perspective in that he considers the whole person as he works with their brain and what else could be contributing to its level of functioning. When needed, he will refer out to colleagues for supplemental testing to enhance his work and to get the desired results.  He is very reasonably priced, as I’ve heard of others charging far more for a narrower experience.  Chris is one of my favorite referrals, as I know my friends, family and clients will have an excellent experience working with him, and like so many others, will also rave about him! 

Caralee Frederic, LCSW, CGT, SRT
Principle Skills Relationship Center
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Steve Stockdale PhD has been one of our co-founders in the Neurofeedback field. His decades worth of commitment in advancing Neurotherapy is unrivaled and his qualities of honesty and loyalty are unmatched. His clinical skills are up to date and advanced. He is the person I trust with my family’s treatment. I consider Steve a true lifelong friend and only wish I had more time to spend with him. I can ask for anything and know he will provide. He is one of the few people I highly recommend and give my unaltered endorsement and respect. He is a fine human being and healer.

Daniel A. Hoffman, MD

I remember meeting Chris almost 10 years ago as he was launching his neurotherapy practice. I was a newcomer to the field of brain science and immediately benefitted not only from his own intelligence and experience, but from the positive reports coming back from patients that had long been dealing with brain related pathologies. The Key with Chris and his team is not his substantial command of brain physiology, but how he combines his heart and skill as a therapist with the technical skill of neurofeedback therapy. I especially appreciate his recognition that the brain does not function in a vacuum – what you eat, how you sleep, your relationships, mindfulness are all a key part of the patient’s overall therapy.  


I am very pleased to have the opportunity to write this endorsement for Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs. This is the clinic of Dr. Steven Stockdale and Chris Edwards. I have known Dr. Steven Stockdale for 32 years. We have done many workshops together for the Biofeedback Certification Institute of America in Florida, New York city, and elsewhere. Dr. Stockdale is an accomplished clinical psychologist and neurotherapist. Their clinic provides quantitative EEG analyses and neurofeedback for a broad spectrum of patients. Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs is the oldest clinic of this kind in the state of Colorado and has an integrative functional medicine orientation. 

In addition to providing neurotherapy for patients, Dr. Stockdale has been providing training for professionals who are seeking competency in doing multichannel assessments and neurofeedback for large variety of patients. Dr. Stockdale was a past president of the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research. He also works extensively with the Deymed Corporation that provides equipment for multichannel EEG assessment and neurofeedback training. Dr. Stockdale is both a pioneer and leader in the field of biofeedback and neurofeedback. 

Joel F Lubar, PhD
Professor Emeritus, University of Tennessee
QEEG Diplomate, BCIA Senior Fellow, AAPB Honorary Fellow
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I am an optometrist who has specialized in the visual rehabilitation of patients with stroke and head injuries for the past 30 years. I met Chris ten years ago and we began co-managing these patients. Chris has been nothing short of incredible…

Chris and I see difficult cases which require a coordinated effort to help solve these challenging cases. Chris has a keen understanding of neurology. His insights and therapies give my patients hope and solutions that have been previously gone undiagnosed and under treated or simply not treated. 

I have the utmost confidence and respect for what the staff at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs does to improve the lives of these individuals. If you are reading this then please consider having them evaluate and treat you for neurological trauma, ADHD, migraines or the other problems associated with neurological compromise.

I am a clinical psychologist who manages a clinic for children, adolescents and adults who have ADHD, learning and behavioral challenges and use QEEG-directed EEG Neurofeedback (NFT) as part of an integrated approach to helping these patients and their families. In the late 1970s, I was a laboratory assistant to Dr. Barry Sterman, the UCLA neuroscientist who pioneered EEG Neurofeedback and have been in the field ever since.

I have worked with Dr. Stockdale for the past 30 years. Along with Dr. Sterman, he has been a mentor to me and all of the clinicians in my practice. He does all of our QEEG analysis and always makes himself available for case consultations whenever needed. He has visited my clinic on numerous occasions to provide ongoing instruction, meet with patients, advise about best practices and tell lousy jokes (which only he thinks are funny). He is a consummate clinician who is at the top of his game. He has immersed himself in the scientific and technical aspects of QEEG and NFT more than any other doctor I know. But he’s not just a scientist; he is also an excellent clinician who relates well to even the most complex of patients.

In the recent past, Dr. Stockdale and his partner Chris Edwards taught my clinic their innovative approach in combining EEG Neurofeedback with integrative/functional medicine.

If you are considering using Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Robert F. Reynolds, Ph.D.
Clinical Director
The Reynolds Clinic
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I have known Chris Edwards for 7 years now. All, but one member of my family of 6, have undergone neurotherapy with Chris with every single one receiving outstanding results. I have been the longest running out of the bunch. Mostly in an effort to continually improve, fine tune, and optimize my brain function.

I have been a health care professional for many years, both in the medical and dental realm. Through this time, I have worked with many, many healthcare professionals. I can honestly say that Chris is one of the very best healthcare providers I know. His ability to listen intently, understand the presenting and hidden issues, then create an effective treatment plan is second to none.

Chris’ ability to relate to and create professional and interpersonal relationships with those he treats is simply amazing. I have personally seen this in action with kids, teens, and adults. Every one of my family who has worked with Chris absolutely loves him. My youngest keeps asking, “When do I get to work with Chris?”

I believe the work Chris has done with my family has made incredibly substantial improvements in our quality of life, and our potential to become who we are really meant to be, our best selves! For this we will be forever in his debt.

I give Chris Edwards, and all of his staff at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs, my very highest recommendation! I give them 10 stars out of 5.

If you’re on the fence about doing neurotherapy with Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs, jump off, run in and get started. It will change your life for the better!

I have had the pleasure of co-managing many patients with Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs and have found that their work has helped to reduce the difficulties in visual processing in many of my patients. In most cases, a singular approach will not bring about the greatest increase in gains for a patient, and the use of multiple modalities and approaches is what give the greatest results. By working together, we have been able to help patients achieve tremendous results. Thanks to Chris Edwards and the entire team at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs for their continued excellent work.

Michael Saxerud, O.D.
Pine Creek Vision Clinic
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I wanted to thank you and your amazing therapists, Alexa and Laura, for everything you have done for me and my family!

I have to admit that when I first started to learn about neurotherapy through another counselor in town I was a quite skeptical. I am so grateful that a neighbor and friend of our family recommended we see you for a second opinion. After learning more from you about the science behind neurotherapy and seeing the way that you approach an individual and their specific needs, and then seeing how this process has undeniably helped members of my own family, I became a believer!

For me, being a husband, a parent, a healthcare provider, a business owner and an employer I have dealt with a fair amount of stress and anxiety over the years juggling the many responsibilities and activities I’ve taken on in my life and worrying about and caring for other people. I’m so glad that I took the time to sit down with you for ME! I was truly amazed at your inherent love, care and concern for me as an individual, and more so, your ability to break things down for me in a very logical, concise and meaningful way. I appreciate, so much, the way you looked at my overall health, the “big picture”, and came up with a very meaningful, and amazingly accurate plan, as it turns out, to address some of my health concerns.

Rather than jump right into neurotherapy, as I understand many neurotherapists and counselors do, you had the insight to recommend a sleep study and that I see a medical provider to look at some other potential underlying factors in my situation. I was grateful that you referred me to Denver Hager at a medical practice that understands and practices functional medicine. As it turns out, I had high levels of inflammation that were attributed to sleep apnea and Celiac disease. After working with Denver and making some dietary and lifestyle adjustments, my inflammation levels dropped dramatically, and he was able to get me off of several prescription medications I had been taking for high cholesterol and blood pressure.

After getting those issues properly diagnosed and treated, the icing on the cake was being able to sit down with you and your therapists in neurotherapy sessions. I have felt so much better overall, but my ability to focus and concentrate has dramatically improved as has my ability to deal with the day to day demands we all have. I feel like things just don’t stress me out anymore. The factors that can cause stress and anxiety in my life are still there, that’s just part of life, but the combination of functional medicine, my neurotherapy sessions and what you and your therapists have taught me have given me, what I feel, is an amazing ability to see, understand and deal with these factors in a healthy way.

Thank you, once again, for everything you have done for me! I feel your skillset is unparalleled and I’m forever in your debt for the help you have given me and my family.

Michael C. Transtrum, DDS, MS”

I met Chris over 4 years ago through a referral from my doctor for health problems related to fatigue. At the consultation, Chris explained how neurofeedback would help my fatigue, stress, anxiety, and hypervigilance. I took the next step in discovering what was going on inside my brain through qEEG brain mapping. A simple test and thorough report showed exactly what was going on inside my brain! My brain was on all the time, awake or sleeping. Without going into all the science, (I happily leave that up to Chris!) my brain was paying attention to all the minutiae, leaving me with very little energy for anything else. So, my health, career, and enjoyment of life all suffered. Finally, my struggles made sense and I could see how neurofeedback therapy would free me from the focus on the small to a life of mental clarity.

A custom neurofeedback plan, along with my commitment, changed my brain. I no longer focus on the minutiae. I instead enjoy improved health and freedom. Thank you, Chris!
Neurofeedback is a great addition to psychotherapy. It helps my clients move past the blocks to making changes they want in their lives.
Not all neurofeedback is the same; I encourage you to meet with Chris to discover the difference!