Emily Fuentes, MS, HMCP, PPSC

Emily Fuentes

Emily Fuentes
MS, HMCP, PPSC Neurotherapist

Emily is currently working as a Neurotherapist at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs. She completed her undergraduate studies (B.A.) in Psychology and a minor in History from Central Connecticut State University. She completed her Master of Science degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Nutrition and Injury Prevention at the Pennsylvania Western University. Initially, Emily became interested in the field of Psychology because she wanted to understand and gain insight on how to help people form healthy behavioral changes.

In 2017, while attending undergraduate school, Emily first took an administrative position at The Reynolds Clinic in Middletown, CT. The clinic was owned and operated by Dr. Robert Reynolds, a Clinical Psychologist who worked closely with one of the early pioneers of neurofeedback training, Dr. Barry Sterman at UCLA. Emily was fascinated with the concept of Neurofeedback and the changes she saw first-hand. Dr. Reynolds couldn’t help but notice her “natural abilities and intuitive sense”. In 2018, he offered her a position as a Neurofeedback Technician, which included qEEG testing. It was at this point she began her mentorship with Dr. Steven Stockdale. Emily has used this amazing opportunity to work with adolescents and adults with ADHD, anxiety, depression, TBI, PTSD and those on the spectrum. Emily also has extensive training in the administration and scoring of various psychological tests. In addition, Emily received her certification in Alpha-Stim and Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation, the HeartMath Interventions Program, and the Pain-Free Performance Specialist. She has continued to hone her skills by attending multiple educational trainings in qEEG & neurofeedback guided by her mentor, Dr. Stockdale and is looking forward to utilizing the integrative neurotherapy approach pioneered at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs.

Emily enjoys watching football and staying up late to watch Lakers games (huge Lebron fan!). She has a life-long love and passion for sports, and being a former college athlete herself, she looks forward to using neurofeedback training to work with premier athletes here in Colorado Springs. She became intrigued with the power of brain-based treatments and the field of Neuroscience in terms of performance enhancement training as well as recovery from symptoms resulting from concussions and/or repetitive concussive syndrome.