Skylar Smith, Neurofeedback Technician


Skylar Smith
Neurofeedback Technician

Skylar Smith is currently a Neurofeedback Technician at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs. She is a student at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in psychology. Her goal is to get her master’s degree in counseling and mental health. She began working at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs as an intern in September of 2021 after being referred to us by a former coworker of Dr. Steve Stockdale. From her first interview with Chris Edwards, Skylar was immediately interested in neurofeedback and eager to learn more. As she continued to learn about neurofeedback therapy, she fell in love with the practice and has had a passion for it ever since. Chris and Alexa were impressed enough with her abilities as an intern and she was later hired on as a neurofeedback technician. She completed her training in neurofeedback under Chris Edwards and Dr. Steve Stockdale and is certified in the fundamentals of EEG and Neurofeedback Therapy. In addition, Skylar received her certification in Alpha Stim and Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation. Skylar’s interest in mental health has grown into a passion for psychology and aiding others in their own journey.

When Skylar is not studying or working, she loves the outdoors, spending time with loved ones, and painting in her free time. She believes wholeheartedly in the methodologies we bring to each client and values “walking the walk” and not just “talking the talk”.