What our clients have to say…

My experience with Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs has been wonderful. It has been a great learning tool to know more about myself, my body, and alternative approaches to healing. After suffering a moderate TBI, I had to take leave from medical school and put everything on hold. I wasn’t sure how I was going to go back to pursuing my dream of being a doctor. After the accident, it took me a week to be able to manage searching for one recipe, grocery shopping, and finally cook one meal. Neurotherapy has given me back my life and I’m able to now return to school! All of the staff are absolutely wonderful and supportive! Chris, Laura, and Alexa are focused on you while in the session and make you feel calm and at ease. They understand that every person’s brain is different and tailors’ things to you versus getting a generic approach to you and your body. All three have different mannerisms and approaches to your treatment, so you can match well with one or all to be most comfortable and successful for treatment.

Additional to doing neurotherapy, I also used HeartMath which was a tremendous help! I developed atrial fibrillation after the accident due to the temporary neuro changes. So, my heart would beat out of rhythm multiple times a day. HeartMath helped calm and support my system. Which showed to decrease my Afib episodes. Even though I no longer have Afib. I continue to use HeartMath because it’s been so beneficial to my mind, body, and well-being.

I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity to do neurotherapy plus being able to work with such supportive caring staff made the experience positive even through the ups and downs of healing.

Traumatic Brain Injury 

I was referred to Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs by my medical practitioner. I had struggled with digestive, anxiety and sleep issues for years and had gotten better but had hit a plateau. My medical practitioner believed that the reason for the plateau was in my brain. I received a free hour-long consultation with Chris Edwards which was very informative and convinced me that he and his team could help me continue my healing journey. He explained to me how, based on past experiences and/or trauma, we can get “roads” developed in our brains that make it a quick trip to fight, flight or freeze. Through weekly sessions with Chris, Alexa and Laura, I have been able to gradually close down the roads to fight, flight or freeze and open up new roads to calm, relaxed and peaceful. I have worked with all members of the team and appreciate the different views and advice from each practitioner while still maintaining a continuum of care. Chris and his staff are always kind, caring, informative and ready to help. I have noticed a huge difference in myself and so have my family and friends. They say that I seem much calmer and happier since I started neurotherapy training. I highly recommend all of the practitioners at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs to anyone who wants to make new roads in their brains and in their overall health.

Insomnia and Anxiety

We consider a huge blessing that we found out about Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs when we did. Chris Edwards and his lovely staff have changed our family…one brain at a time. We heard through a trusted friend about neurotherapy when our high school son was struggling with learning difficulties. After private tutoring and vision therapy, we sought help from NCS and saw the most dramatic improvement in our son’s achievement, personally and academically. Chris was able to help our son minimize the effects ADHD and speed of processing issues and inspired him to get his sleep and nutrition optimized. Even now, in his 20s, he says neurotherapy was “hands-down, the single most life-changing thing” he ever did. His relationship with Chris continues today and when he’s in town, our son’s first stop is re-connecting with Chris.

A few years later, we noticed our younger daughter struggling with anxiety. Again, we turned to NCS. Our daughter worked with Alexa to bring her brainwaves into the proper ratio, learned about HeartMath and created personal strategies to deal with stress. Again, sleep and nutrition were worked on and we found high sensitivity to certain foods. We appreciated how Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs worked with their colleagues in the medical field to test and treat the underlying processes that were also at play.
Another year went by…and our middle son was struggling greatly with migraines. After all our neurological testing, we turned to NCS out of desperation. Chris mentioned that he had great success with treating headaches, and we were thrilled that our son’s headaches were drastically reduced from every day to one or two a month. And the severity is greatly reduced. We were amazed! He was able to avoid taking medication altogether. Was there anything neurotherapy couldn’t help?!

To complete the circle, we decided that as parents, we wanted to show our children how much we believed in brain therapy. We have both spent months fine-turning and optimizing our brains. We both needed extensive work on our sleep issues and increased our focus and attention by leaps and bounds. It was amazing to see that as our brains began the healing process; we have been able to get off of many prescriptions. Our relationship has never been better and as a family, we feel that we are communicating, reacting, and engaging in new and healthier ways. We feel grounded, centered, and peaceful and more in tune with each other. We have recommended NCS to so many friends and families – and the results are equally astounding. We are so thankful that we found Chris and his wonderful staff.

ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Migraines, Family Systems Work, and Overall Optimization.

Our son has always been a bit of an enigma – we had done numerous evaluations and therapies over the years, starting around age 5 and continuing until we were introduced to Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs. At this point, our son was now 9 years old, and although we’d made some progress with all the previous therapies, we were still looking for additional help and more answers. We also had never had a clear diagnosis yet. One of my husband’s patients referred us to Chris and his clinic, after her son had experienced great improvement here. Chris and his staff gave us our first real answers regarding our son’s behavior and quirks. Through brain activity on an EEG, we discovered that our son had essentially two different kinds of ADHD – something no one had ever been able to figure out and pinpoint. We then began neurofeedback therapy sessions, and what I love about this practice is that they approach the issue from a comprehensive and holistic standpoint. They worked with us on things we could do better at home, had great resources to recommend – one of the books they recommended to us is still, to this day, one of my all-time favorite books on parenting and discipline. They taught us some great things about supplements and recommended the ones that were best for his specific needs, and they taught him calming and coping techniques. They taught us all how to do better and how to handle our son’s behaviors better, all the while they were helping him to train his own brain.

Our son’s therapist was Alexa, and she is one of THE calmest, even-keeled, patient, and intelligent young women I have ever met. She was wonderful with our son. None of his behaviors ruffled her. She always gave her full, committed attention to him and was never late, distracted, or flustered. Truly one of the best therapists I have ever met. Our son never complained about going to sessions – and we went weekly, for quite a few months. I also underwent an EEG evaluation and did therapy for my own adult ADHD. I learned so much about myself and my son and I still implement the practices we learned to this day. And one very important detail: they never gave up on him. When something wasn’t working, they reevaluated and course-corrected. Our experience at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs became one of the most encouraging and rewarding times in a pretty tough season of life. I am eternally thankful we were referred to Chris and his team of therapists!


Both my son Effrum and I started seeing the amazing people at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs about the same time. I didn’t have much information before we started but heard through a friend that the place is really helpful and has helped their son in the past with the same treatments for their son. My son has been diagnosed with ADHD, Tourette’s, and OCD tendencies. For myself, I have been diagnosed with PTSD and minor TBI symptoms due to my time in the service. We noticed within four treatments for my son his neck tics from his Tourette’s had all but disappeared. We have also seen dramatically decreased issues with his impulse control and his attention. For myself, we have seen reduced episodes of anger outbursts and my sleep has improved dramatically. During the entire time we have been getting treatment the staff has been very helpful with giving us the proper supplements to assist in our treatments and were always available day and night when we had questions or concerns with any of the treatments or supplements. I would highly recommend Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs to anyone that needs help they are there to provide assistance in any way.

ADHD, Tourette’s, OCD, PTSD, TBI

I am so thankful to have come into the care of Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs back in 2018. From day one, Chris and the entire team have gone above and beyond to get my health back on track. I have had multiple concussions and was losing mobility as well as losing control of my health. They will work around the clock to get the right treatment plan for you. Your health will always come first and is in good hands here with Chris and the entire team.
My time working with Laura has been nothing short of remarkable, she is always ready to ask the right questions concerning your health but will also make sure your life outside of treatment is going well too. Laura is one of the most intelligent and caring professionals I have come across in my years. To the entire team of Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs, thank you again.

Concussions and Health & Wellness

I was not easy to be around, and my wife was at her wit’s end as to what to do. I had gone to tons of individual counseling, marriage counseling, biblical counseling and read numerous books. Those helped a little but not enough to change my ingrained patterns. I was scared that our marriage of 26 years was almost over and the effect that would have on us and our children. When I first met with Chris, he looked at my initial results and read my life like a book. He said, “Don’t worry. We’ve got this”. I was still worried because I thought he just said that to calm me down. Well, he was right.

Through his unique combination of Neurofeedback, advice, encouragement, nutrition, supplements and lifestyle changes, I have become a much more relaxed and calmer person. My wife and children have all noticed how different I am; and I like the way life feels now. It’s so much better! I can now recognize when old patterns are emerging, and I know how to deal with them before they become an issue.

I am so thankful for Chris and his team for the huge impact they have had on my life.

Mood Dysregulations and Personal Optimization

I first came to Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs in the fall of 2018, as a skeptical kid in high school. I had been to dozens of specialists and doctors to try and help me with lingering symptoms from a total of 16 concussions I have had. Every time I was met with disappointing news, but not when I sat down with Chris Edwards. He showed me that he had a vast understanding of what was going on with me, that I had never seen before. Upon starting actual treatment, my primary therapist was Laura Decker. Working with Laura has been an incredible all-around experience. Her ability to relate treatment to my own life really added to the therapeutic experience! She brings a contagiously optimistic attitude that can be very encouraging during what can sometimes feel like a slow-paced process! Neurotherapy, as a whole, has significantly improved my health and my lifestyle in multiple ways, such as sleep schedule, dietary restrictions, and overall mood and energy throughout my every day. They have created a very welcoming environment in the office that actually gets me excited to go there, and everyone is incredibly kind, helpful, and caring for any needs or questions! I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have anywhere near the growth and progress I have today without the people and help at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs. I am truly grateful for all they’ve done for me!

Concussions, Sleep, Mood, and Energy

The treatment I received at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs was not only life improving, but life changing. I never realized how deeply my trauma affected me until Chris sat me down with my initial scans. They challenged me to face my trauma head on and were there to support me every step of the way. Previous to finding Neurotherapy I had spent almost 5 years in and out of therapy and psychiatric care. Everything seemed to help on a surface level, but nothing quite hit the hard stuff that I was aching to improve. When I started with Neurotherapy I was depressed, anxious, constantly distracted, and always on the verge of falling asleep. Although my problems aren’t gone, they are much more manageable. I am happy, can focus, and have a healthy relationship with sleep. Working with Chris and Alexa was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself. Not only do they provide exceptional services, but they are fantastic individuals. I’ve never felt so well taken care of by a healthcare provider. They put genuine effort into caring for their patients and see you not only as a patient, but a friend. If anyone told me 2 years ago how happy and fulfilled, I’d be now I wouldn’t have believed them. I attribute all that to Neurotherapy. Other forms of therapy have encouraged me to be a survivor, but this taught me how to thrive as an individual undefined by my trauma. I would highly encourage anyone with any interest in Neurotherapy to give it a shot.

ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma

Neurotherapy saved my life. I was having 20-30 seizures a day and doctor after doctor stuck a pill in my face hoping it would work. Chris was super kind, he listened and really treated me as an individual versus just any other patient. Within two weeks of doing neurofeedback, I was backing off of my medication. Within 6-months, I was seizure free! I was able to go back to school and resume my daily activities with a healthy mind. The Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs staff is quick to respond and always there to help get you the best, individualized treatment. I strongly recommend their services to anybody – I even carry around a business card in case I bump into somebody who can benefit from neurofeedback (which is a lot of people).
Thanks Chris and Alexa!


I wanted to thank you and your amazing therapists, Alexa and Laura, for everything you have done for me and my family!
I have to admit that when I first started to learn about neurotherapy through another counselor in town I was a quite skeptical. I am so grateful that a neighbor and friend of our family recommended we see you for a second opinion. After learning more from you about the science behind neurotherapy and seeing the way that you approach an individual and their specific needs, and then seeing how this process has undeniably helped members of my own family, I became a believer!

For me, being a husband, a parent, a healthcare provider, a business owner and an employer I have dealt with a fair amount of stress and anxiety over the years juggling the many responsibilities and activities I’ve taken on in my life and worrying about and caring for other people. I’m so glad that I took the time to sit down with you for ME! I was truly amazed at your inherent love, care and concern for me as an individual, and more so, your ability to break things down for me in a very logical, concise and meaningful way. I appreciate, so much, the way you looked at my overall health, the “big picture”, and came up with a very meaningful, and amazingly accurate plan, as it turns out, to address some of my health concerns.

Rather than jump right into neurotherapy, as I understand many neurotherapists and counselors do, you had the insight to recommend a sleep study and that I see a medical provider to look at some other potential underlying factors in my situation. I was grateful that you referred me to Denver Hager at a medical practice that understands and practices functional medicine. As it turns out, I had high levels of inflammation that were attributed to sleep apnea and Celiac disease. After working with Denver and making some dietary and lifestyle adjustments, my inflammation levels dropped dramatically, and he was able to get me off of several prescription medications I had been taking for high cholesterol and blood pressure.

After getting those issues properly diagnosed and treated, the icing on the cake was being able to sit down with you and your therapists in neurotherapy sessions. I have felt so much better overall, but my ability to focus and concentrate has dramatically improved as has my ability to deal with the day to day demands we all have. I feel like things just don’t stress me out anymore. The factors that can cause stress and anxiety in my life are still there, that’s just part of life, but the combination of functional medicine, my neurotherapy sessions and what you and your therapists have taught me have given me, what I feel, is an amazing ability to see, understand and deal with these factors in a healthy way.

Thank you, once again, for everything you have done for me! I feel your skillset is unparalleled and I’m forever in your debt for the help you have given me and my family.”

Stress, Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Sleep Apnea, Professional Optimization, Health & Wellness

I have suffered from depression and ADHD. I was struggling with being able to mentally focus which, was very frustrating to me. I was referred to Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs to explore treatment options to help improve my conditions. I met with Chris, to perform an interview to understand my state. From there, we progressed to a treatment plan. I was always looking forward to going to see Chris and his staff for my treatment. It was amazing how much better I felt after a session. It was even more gratifying to feel the improvements over time and how I was able to control my brainwave activity through focus. After sessions, I would go home to my family – they could tell the difference in how much calmer and engaging I was and always commented on how positive it has been! Another tangential benefit is the night’s sleep after a session was so therapeutic – I slept my deepest and felt most refreshed in the morning. I cannot say enough about how beneficial this therapy was to me – I would still be seeing Chris today if I didn’t move out of state. I highly recommend his practice, as he is an expert in the field of neurotherapy

ADHD and Depression

My pre-teen daughter asked me to paint her nails today. She’s been ashamed of her nails for years now, as she would habitually bite them down to nothing due to this underlying generalized anxiety she lived with day and night. She now has nails. She sleeps better. She is more focused at school. She is less irritable, and more relaxed. We are so grateful for the support from Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs with her case. Everything from the testing to the therapy sessions was done with expertise and great attention to my daughter’s whole well-being. Outside of the neurotherapy itself we also got coaching on nutrition, sleep practices, and heart rate variability training (which our whole family now benefits from). Thank you, Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs!

Anxiety, Focus and Attention, and Sleep Dysregulation

Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs literally has changed the course of my son’s life. We were first introduced to the practice in 2014. Through a basic “impact test”, I was informed that my son’s reaction time was extremely slow. It was recommended that he never drive a car. Through that doctor’s recommendation, we discovered Chris. The work that Chris Edwards has done, alongside Dr. Steven Stockdale, has taken a young boy of 12, who had many sensory struggles, to a young man of 18 that has been able to play hockey at a AAA level. He will now continue to pursue his dreams of college and so much more thanks to the neurotherapy he has received here. To take a boy who is “under responsive” and being told not to drive a vehicle, to that level of intense sporting ability and being scouted, is nothing short of a miracle….not to mention that he is now an excellent driver and insists he is a better driver than his mom! Chris’s knowledge and expertise in how the brain functions optimally, top notch technology and state of the art equipment is what has made the difference.

Chris also has an amazing way of being able to relate to children and young adults. Right before my eyes, I was able to see such improvement not only in my son’s athletic abilities, but also in his demeanor and self-confidence. Not only was he gaining new skills and an understanding in how his brain functioned. Chris was able to explain to my son on a level where he understood how neurotherapy would work to his advantage and was able to get my son to own this experience. My son wanted to continue with neurotherapy not because I thought it was best for him but because he, himself saw the difference it was making.

Recently, my son was trained to engage in HeartMath with Alexa and has gained skills using this method that he will take into adulthood.
I cannot say enough positive things about Chris Edwards and his team. I would and do regularly recommend them to others. In a recent conversation with now my adult son, he said of Chris “He is one of the most brilliant people I know, and I have such respect for him”…. that about say’s it all!

A most grateful parent
(for confidentiality of my son, I will leave my name out. However, if anyone would like to contact me about our experience, I am more than happy to have Chris share my information with them)”

Focus and Attention

A few things about HeartMath. First, I think increasing the awareness of your body and state of mind during the treatment phase is extremely helpful for boosting a patient’s response to Neurofeedback, especially in real time. HeartMath is a natural fit for this need in the Neurofeedback process since it helps with cultivating awareness and building the ability to observe your mind and emotional state. Consciousness of breathing, anxiety, or tension in the body is the first step towards relaxing any irregularities like an elevated pulse, negative thinking, or stress.

I know that HeartMath obviously focuses on the heart, but the mind and body are connected in lots of different ways. So, my personal experience was that building an awareness of my body and focusing on slowing down my heart and breath conversely allowed me to speed up my brain’s progress during treatment.
In all, thank you for being such a wonderful and supportive staff, and for offering a variety of ways to treat the body mind and spirit instead of using a narrow clinical approach. You truly made a difference in my life.

HeartMath and Anxiety

I have known Chris Edwards for 7 years now. All, but one member of my family of 6, have undergone neurotherapy with Chris with every single one receiving outstanding results. I have been the longest running out of the bunch. Mostly in an effort to continually improve, fine tune, and optimize my brain function.

I have been a health care professional for many years, both in the medical and dental realm. Through this time, I have worked with many, many healthcare professionals. I can honestly say that Chris is one of the very best healthcare providers I know. His ability to listen intently, understand the presenting and hidden issues, then create an effective treatment plan is second to none.

Chris’ ability to relate to and create professional and interpersonal relationships with those he treats is simply amazing. I have personally seen this in action with kids, teens, and adults. Every one of my family who has worked with Chris absolutely loves him. My youngest keeps asking, “When do I get to work with Chris?”
I believe the work Chris has done with my family has made incredibly substantial improvements in our quality of life, and our potential to become who we are really meant to be, our best selves! For this we will be forever in his debt.

I give Chris Edwards, and all of his staff at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs, my very highest recommendation! I give them 10 stars out of 5.
If you’re on the fence about doing neurotherapy with Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs, jump off, run in and get started. It will change your life for the better!

Family Systems Work and Professional & Personal Optimization

Neurofeedback with Chris has changed my life for the better in so many ways. Before I started therapy, school was an immense struggle… I was always far behind all of my peers. My relationship with my parents was incredibly tense as well. After multiple treatments, I started to see huge leaps forward with my academics. And shortly after that, I started to feel my relationship with my parents soften and become much calmer.

I am incredibly grateful to Chris and his team for changing my life. My emotional health, my creative, and academic capabilities have dramatically improved through neurotherapy and the help of Chris Edwards.

ADD/ADHD and Personal Optimization

My family is grateful to have worked with Steve Stockdale, Chris Edwards, and Alexa Transtrum after the tragic death of our son. We received Neurofeedback from them, as well as many practical tools to help us overcome depression and trauma that resulted from Ryan’s death. Personally, Neurofeedback helped me relax and think more clearly, as well as overcome insomnia. Even my memory is better!

Today we continue to receive support from this caring and professional team when we need help. We can always count on them to listen and understand our needs and respond promptly.

Grief/Loss, Trauma, Anxiety, Insomnia, Memory, and Depression

I’ve been going to Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs since I was 13. I have done neurofeedback twice and it changed my life! I was on ADD medication which caused other things to come up, such as anxiety, which I also had to be medicated for and I just felt dead inside… I hated it. My life is so much better and I am so grateful for the experiences I’ve had because I went through neurotherapy. I also go there for counseling and that has been one of the most helpful things. Thank you, Chris, for all the help that you have given me and my family!

ADD Anxiety

I went to see Steve Stockdale & Chris Edwards for my depression and anxiety following my brother’s suicide. I worked with Chris for a couple years doing Neurofeedback and some talk therapy which all led to me being able to get a job & work again which was huge. I was able to use the tools they gave me to better manage my anxiety and to get my brain in a better, more balanced state and be able to live my life again. I don’t know what I would have done without the help I received. I’m so thankful.

M. Fenton
Grief/Loss, Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression

Neurotherapy was like a launching pad to the rest of my life. It took the deep troughs of depression and peaks of anxiety I struggled with prior to treatment and balanced them into a stable mental state. I no longer need anti-depressants or drugs and alcohol to find relief, because the imbalances I needed relief from are gone. I now have the mental clarity to pursue greater life goals without feeling like I’m forced to grind only to make limited progress. Neurotherapy provides the tools to help heal yourself in a life-altering way if you’re willing to invest in the treatment and follow the good advice of the staff at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs.

Speaking of the staff, my experience with Chris Edwards and Laura Decker was one of expertise and compassionate understanding. In particular, Laura’s good humor and professionalism always put me at ease and her guidance during my treatment process was invaluable. I also appreciated her focus on treating me as an entire person: mind, body, and spirit. You won’t find a more able guide to walk with you during the healing process and help ensure you meet your goals. It was a blessing to work with someone as bright as Laura and I wouldn’t have succeeded without her.

Substance Abuse, Anxiety, and Depression

I can’t speak highly enough about Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs. After four major concussions, I was “living” with debilitating migraines 20+ days per month. I spent years in and out of neurologist offices and was essentially a guinea pig for medicines hoping something would help. I was told that the only “cure” was burning nerve endings in my occipital lobe (no thanks). It wasn’t until I met Chris and his staff that things changed, and I finally started seeing improvements. I went from 12 prescription pills per day and thousands of dollars’ worth of Botox treatments to two natural supplements and one or zero migraine days per month after completing treatment with Chris. He restored my quality of life – something I was told I likely wouldn’t regain, yet he made it happen! Outside of the amazing work he does, he is one of the most genuine, caring people you will meet. He is there for his patients at all times and it is clear that the patient’s well-being is his top priority. He takes a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of your well-being. That’s what truly sets him apart from other doctors out there. It’s the reason I’m now able to pursue a career in healthcare with the hope of touching and improving lives the way Chris has mine!

Concussions, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Migraines

I am extremely grateful to have met the wonderful people at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs. They have helped me to take control of my life for the first time. I just wish I had started treatment like this a decade ago!

Prior to my treatment at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs I sought help from several different professionals, including psychiatrists, counselors and therapists. My experience with them felt like they were just misdiagnosing me over and over and I continued to get worse. These encounters left me feeling resentful and untrusting toward mental health professionals. I had convinced myself that I was destined to live depressed with no control over my past or future. I had been told about Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs by a friend, but I ignored it for a while. I finally gave it a shot after I had realized I had nothing left to lose. It was the best decision I have made in my life so far. I say so far because they have given me the tools to have the life I want to live and to be the person that I have always wanted to be but never saw it as achievable.
Growing up I had anxiety and that eventually led to depression. The professionals would give me prescription after prescription with no improvement. I had given up on being normal or happy. When I finally started at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs I was skeptical because nothing had worked before. But the people at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs were so welcoming and make me feel comfortable from the beginning. Everything I have learned there has made everything in my past make sense. They have given me the tools to restart and build the life I want to have. So far, I have used the tools to quit a decade-plus long habit of smoking cigarettes, I have lost 45 lbs. and counting, and I am planning on going back to school to make a better future for myself.

I owe extra gratitude to my main neurotherapist, Alexa. She has helped me understand my past and helped me decide what I want to do with my future. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, I know I can message her, and she will help me pull myself out of that headspace so I can deal with my problems in a healthy way. She has never made me feel judged or inferior for my past. She is extremely knowledgeable at all aspects of her job and always explains things, so I understand. Everyone at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs feels like a family and I look forward to visiting and developing myself at every appointment.

Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs has changed my life for the better. I would highly recommend it to anyone that feels lost or hopeless. They have helped guide me to my path in life.

Anxiety and Depression

My wife suffered a brain injury several years ago and after various types of treatment and medications were tried her recovery had plateaued. She still suffered from severe short-term memory loss and sleepless nights. She could not return to her profession as a marriage therapist, could not finish the book she was writing, and could not even drive. Then, eight months ago a physician referred us to Chris Edwards at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs. Tests revealed the specific brain problems and a plan of therapy was devised. Now her short-term memory has returned, her sleep has improved & she no longer needs the prescription drug. She is able to safely drive again, and her book is ready to be published. Life is good due to the professional skills and wonderful care she received from Chris and his staff including Laura, and Alexa. I am so very thankful and highly recommend Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs.

Traumatic Brain Injury, Memory, and Insomnia

Before I started at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs, I had quit my job and rarely left the house due to overwhelming anxiety and almost daily panic attacks. After braving a recommended consultation with Chris and Alexa, they were able to target issues and give immediate suggestions for improvement. I decided to give neurofeedback a shot and am beyond happy I did.

Chris and Alexa are knowledgeable as well as personable: quickly changing protocol and discussing personal issues in order to reach my goals. They walked me through not only the neurofeedback portion of their practice, but also dietary changes and daily anxiety-tackling routines, including breathing exercises and different thought tools.
Recovery is hard work but so worth it, and you won’t meet two people more invested in your personal growth than Chris and Alexa.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

I met Chris over 4 years ago through a referral from my doctor for health problems related to fatigue. At the consultation, Chris explained how neurofeedback would help my fatigue, stress, anxiety, and hypervigilance. I took the next step in discovering what was going on inside my brain through qEEG brain mapping. A simple test and thorough report showed exactly what was going on inside my brain! My brain was on all the time, awake or sleeping. Without going into all the science, (I happily leave that up to Chris!) my brain was paying attention to all the minutiae, leaving me with very little energy for anything else. So, my health, career, and enjoyment of life all suffered. Finally, my struggles made sense and I could see how neurofeedback therapy would free me from the focus on the small to a life of mental clarity.

A custom neurofeedback plan, along with my commitment, changed my brain. I no longer focus on the minutiae. I instead enjoy improved health and freedom. Thank you, Chris!
Neurofeedback is a great addition to psychotherapy. It helps my clients move past the blocks to making changes they want in their lives.
Not all neurofeedback is the same; I encourage you to meet with Chris to discover the difference!

Fatigue, Stress, Anxiety, and Hypervigilance

While I was a figure skater in Colorado Springs, I worked with Chris Edwards in his Neurotherapy clinic. I was initially there for anger management, but it later became about so much more. Chris helped me improve my focus, decrease my anxiety on the ice, and overall, helped reshape my mindset as an athlete. He was in a great mood and extremely encouraging for every single one of my sessions (and I had A LOT). I had no idea the impact Chris’ neurotherapy would have on my mindset in the future, but to this very day, I still continue to use the techniques I was taught during our sessions, even if it is without a computer and his expertise alongside.

Anger Management and Performance Enhancement (athlete)

Neurotherapy has been essential for helping me get inflammation under better control. I was having intense sudden flareups. Eventually I was able to calm my mind and body as the flareups started, then they were much milder and short lived. I especially noticed this in the summer heat. As I got hot and felt an inflammatory response, I concentrated on calming my body. This always cooled my body down. It did take a lot of work for me to get to that point.

The neurotherapy sessions taught me a calm mental place that I would continue at home using HeartMath and relaxation exercises. The HeartMath tool gives me feedback that correlates well with the feedback during the neurotherapy sessions. I find HeartMath to be an essential component.

The therapist I’ve been working with is Alexa. I think of her as a “baby grandma”. She is wise beyond her years. Alexa challenged me when I needed it and that helped me a lot. She pays attention to the details and offers great advice for solving problems I’m facing with health and life. It’s easy to see that she loves what she is doing.
I don’t know how I could’ve made progress with inflammatory disease without neurotherapy. Committing to treatment at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs was one of the best medical decisions I’ve made.

Inflammatory Disease

As someone with at least 4 prior concussions I cannot recommend a better treatment for brain injury in Colorado. I came to Chris after both my 2nd concussion and my 4th, allowing me to make a complete recovery. Playing competitive hockey means lots of hits to the head, which forced me to look at multiple options for treatment. Out of all places, none showed the same thoroughness and explanations that Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs did. Chris and his staff went through all of the trauma in my brain and what needs to be fixed, exactly. A QEEG brain map showed precisely what was damaged in my brain and the progress I gained through the training. On top of this, they were very understanding and helpful in my path to recovery.

Concussions, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Performance Enhancement (athlete)

I began Neurotherapy with Chris before my freshman year of high school with the hopes of reducing the anxiety I developed the previous couple of years. I was not wanting to solve it through medication, so neurofeedback seemed like a great option. After my time with Chris, I left with a brain map far healthier than when I came in! My symptoms of general anxiety, poor concentration, and panic attacks reduced substantially. My ability to be present has significantly improved as well. Neurotherapy worked wonders for me and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without it!

Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Focus&Attention

Chris Edwards is a man who changes lives. With his deep knowledge of the brain, consciousness, betterment of one’s physical, mental, and spiritual health, he is exactly what anyone could ever dream of with a therapist. He is highly skilled in his craft and has the most passion of everyone I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Chris Edwards never slows down, every single patient of his is a priority and he works himself down to the bone. Around the clock, his tenacity and outrageous work ethic never goes unnoticed and reflects during each session. Never have I met a more qualified individual in this field. You leave with an unwavering amount of insight and intellect— it doesn’t just stop at achieving progressive brain health. He brings an eclectic approach to his practice— providing you with insight of lifestyle changes, supplements, behavioral therapy, and esoteric ideas to improve your mindset and perspective of life, including yourself. His method of therapy is the most effective of all I have ever experienced. He is the new age of therapy— his practice is what will shift the paradigm of all neurotherapy as we know it.

Personally, Chris changed my life. As someone who suffered from severe trauma, I deemed it impossible to reverse. At this point in my life, I was 16 years old— having already experienced 15 therapists in my short life. 15 therapists who I felt never saw me, understood me, and genuinely sought out the betterment of my health. This man, he was different. Any question I would ask, he was there, with the utmost knowledge and intellect of anyone I have ever met.

The idea I associate him most with is the water and the horse. He told me “You can bring a horse to water but can’t make it drink. So instead, I will provide the map to the water, the resources to get there, and some affirming words along the way but I cannot make you drink. At the end of the day you will do what you want. You cannot and will not change if it is something you don’t truly want. So, here are your tools.” Life changing. These tools were things of a many splendid mind-bending ideas. Esoteric philosophical ideas of reality, spiritual practices, the list went on. He was never one to just sit there quietly “I see… Tell me more.” Talk therapy can only be effective for so long until a wall is hit. It was the method of how he treated me that healed me.

He gave me insight of life and a deeper perspective on things I would have otherwise never noticed. He paints a purpose for you to visually see, not just with nice assuring words. He makes every single person feel seen and heard, cared for, understood. I am able to confidently say I would be nowhere near the place in my life had I not met him. He reversed years of trauma, anxiety, deeply rooted insecurities, and bad habits that degenerated my life. He explained to me that emotional therapy is much like physical therapy. Much like a physical therapist, our brain is like a muscle that is slowly being exercised to regain strength and full function. The method of his practice highlights the process of healing in small ways that over time leave a long-lasting impact.

Chris was able to teach me that once you realize you have the power to change your perspective of reality with adjustments in thought patterns, minimizing your unhealthy habits and ways of coping, you will explore the inner workings of your own mind and live with more compassion and freedom. I owe my entire life to him. My spiritual view of the world has made me more in touch with the people around me (personally and strangers), I am more empathetic, gentle, soft, compassionate, and simply exude radiating love for all including myself because of him. I sympathize deeply for those who have yet to meet him and never will. He is the smartest man I have ever met in my life and I am grateful every day that the universe brought us together. My heart aches for him as he is the best mentor, friend, and person to look up to — quite possibly in the entire world.

Trauma and Anxiety

My husband and I tried everything for my ADD and his ADHD without much success. After researching local neurofeedback specialists, it became clear that Chris Edwards at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs was the top choice! We both invested time and money working through these brain dysfunctions and have never looked back! It’s both a commitment and investment in your overall health that you will never regret.

Chris is professional, well trained and walked us through every aspect of the physical, mental and emotional struggles those typically face with these challenges.
There is NO ONE better at this in Colorado Springs, however; there are many who would be considered on the fringe of malpractice!
Why trust your brain to anyone less than a professional considered to be at the top of his field?
Thank you, Chris, for all you have done to give us our lives back, we are forever grateful!


I was referred to Chris Edwards when I was in high school by True Life Medicine. I was experiencing migraines, dizziness, and nausea that were often debilitating. At that time, I was dancing close to thirty-hours a week with a focus in ballet and becoming dizzier than normal was detrimental to my training; even damaging to my body when I lost my balance and gained an injury in the process. Additionally, feeling excessively nauseated fifteen-minutes into a homework assignment did not give me any hope for college. I had already seen my primary care doctor who could not find a cure-all medication, a Neurologist who put me on a medication with extremely negative effects, and even an acupuncturist who gave him supplements that I could not even read. At first, I was rather hesitant to try Neurotherapy, what Chris described seemed bordering on science fiction. However, after initial testing and therapy, I experienced a steady improvement. There was trial and error, of course, but that led to the discovery of a significant cerebellum problem. Additionally, my sleep became even better, which was not something I was expecting as my energy levels steadily improved. Over the years, I’ve seen Chris and members of his team, and when I graduated from high school, much to my surprise I felt able and ready to go to college. I had no migraines for a straight six months, I could read whenever I wanted for as long as I wanted, and I felt like a normal person for the first time in years. Chris and his team had worked with me to relieve my symptoms, and even treat undiagnosed traumatic brain injuries. Fortunately, when my symptoms returned due to a car crash two years later, I was able to see one of Chris’ associates Alexa, and she helped me manage the symptoms and trauma from the crash while I finished college. To this day, I would attribute the significant changes in my symptoms to Neurotherapy, not only because of the treatment, but also because of their willingness to work with other doctors for my health.

Dizziness and Balance, Migraines, Nausea, and Traumatic Brain Injury

I would highly recommend Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs! Chris Edwards and his staff are knowledgeable about Neurology therapy, new techniques, supplements and how to treat each client individually. We have had 4 of 5 family members treated in different ways and had incredible changes to help with quality of life. We have been well cared for in treating ADHD, anxiety, and physical head traumas with great success and no medication. They are a great resource for whole person natural healing of heart, mind, and body.

Anxiety, ADHD, and Traumatic Brain Injury

I am 16 years old, in 10th grade, and I swim competitively. I was diagnosed with ADHD in 4th grade and was struggling in school with focus and attention issues. My mom ran into an old friend, she had told them about neurofeedback and how it made a huge difference in her children’s lives. In the summer of my sophomore year, I started with brain scans and extensive blood work. I found out that I have high gluten and corn intolerances and my brain wasn’t making the right type of energy so that I could stay awake and focused properly throughout the school day. I started neurofeedback with Alexa and then after that, we worked on behavior habits through talk therapy. I work really well with her and she puts concepts in terms that I can understand and relate to as a teenager. This has helped me be able to be more successful in school and have a better relationship with my family and friends. My family has also been doing family sessions with Chris and that has helped us to learn how to communicate better and be able to meet each other’s love languages. At the start of this, I was apprehensive towards the idea of change, but at the end of the day, neurofeedback has given me a better outlook on life.

ADHD and Focus & Attention

Four years ago, after months of therapy at a local hospital, I was told further treatment would not provide any additional improvement. The following three and a half years I continued to struggle with very poor memory, sleep problems, and worst of all – an inability to drive. But then I was introduced to Chris and neurofeedback. Hope returned! Chris has extensive knowledge regarding brain function and treatment as well as its effect on the rest of the body. He, Laura, and Alexa, genuinely care about their clients and consistently go the extra mile with patience, empathy, and humor. My brain is now functioning better than ever, sleep has improved and best of all, I can safely drive again! I highly trust and recommend their professional services for you and your loved ones.

Memory and Insomnia

When I originally set up my appointment to meet with Chris Edwards and his team, I felt like I was beyond help. At the time I was suffering from severe depression and panic attacks. My moods were unstable. I was either not sleeping or sleeping way too much. I was going out and drinking 3 to 4 nights a week. I was self-harming and verbally combative with my family.

I had always had issues with anxiety, but the catalyst for my negative mental state was a car accident that occurred during my final semester of college. My best friend at the time had a seizure while driving me home from a party the night before. Her foot unfortunately landed on the accelerator and we sped down the road for about half a mile with me frantically attempting to steer from the passenger seat. We hit two other cars, and, by some miracle, no one was seriously injured. After months of physical therapy, my bodily injuries had healed but I had no idea the trauma that my brain had endured.

To be completely honest, I was pretty skeptical when my mom first suggested I go to Neurotherapy. At this point I had tried so many different treatments for the issues I was facing. I was seeing a behavioral therapist regularly where we frequently did EMDR. I was on two different medications for anxiety, depression, and PTSD. I had even tried cryotherapy and acupuncture. All of these treatments had mixed results so when my mom suggested we see someone to treat Traumatic Brain Injury, I thought it was ridiculous. I had hit my head in the accident, but I never thought I had a “brain injury”. Regardless, I agreed to get the qEEG that would allow us to see how my brain waves compared to the average person’s.

I’ll never forget my first appointment with Chris. He had looked over my brain scans and went through each of the images in detail compared to a “normal” looking brain. Even though I had gotten maybe 2 hours of sleep the night before, Chris was able to explain what was happening with my brain in a way that made sense. He explained that for the last three years my brain was sending panic signals to my body. This was the reason for the panic attacks, lack of sleep, and irritability. He was extremely patient with all of the questions that we had and his extensive knowledge on the subject was tremendously comforting.

I went to therapy with Chris and his team for a little over a year. A typical appointment started with me updating Chris or Alexa on how things were going, then electrodes were attached to my head (it was painless, I promise) then I would basically play games. The electrodes measured brain waves while I watched some visual stimulation. This stimulation included fun images like flying spaceships or elephants and, when my target brain waves were in the ideal range, there was an auditory signal. The goal was to pull my brain out of the panic state by retraining it with positive reinforcement. At first, I went 3 times a week. Then, as I improved, I went less frequently. One of my biggest triggers for a panic attack was the sound of sirens. I will never forget the first time I was driving down the road while an ambulance drove past me, and I didn’t have to pull over to have a panic attack. Instead, I pulled over crying tears of joy.

I was definitely skeptical in the beginning, but my experience with Chris and his team was absolutely life changing. Mental health is a vulnerable topic and it takes truly special people to have, not only the knowledge to tackle these issues, but the patience to help the people suffering from them. The team not only assisted with my neurological issues but offered advice on other aspects of a healthy lifestyle. They were able to recommend mental health books, referred me to a nutritionist, and even introduced me to weighted blankets to help with anxiety. These are people who genuinely care for their clients’ health, inside and out. Whenever I walked into the office, it was more like walking into the living room of an old friend. They are honest, patient, knowledgeable, and reassuring. Most importantly, neurotherapy works.

Depression, Anxiety, Traumatic Brain Injury, Trauma, Panic Attacks, and Self-Harm

How can I say enough to express the magnitude of what Chris Edwards has done for our family? I cannot. The healing power neurotherapy has had for those that we love most has saved us. Saved us from depression, PTSD, dyslexia, ADHD, pain management and ultimately saved a marriage and family. We will forever be grateful for finding Chris and we will always tell others where they can find help- from this miracle man.

Family Systems Work, Depression, PTSD, Dyslexia, ADHD, and Pain Management

I am truly TRULY grateful to Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs for all they have done to help our family. From the very beginning, they calmed my fears and answered all my questions. Slowly, but surely, I saw our TRUE daughter emerge through the therapy sessions. Until one day, THERE SHE WAS! And has been ever since. I remember the day my daughter graduated, and Mr. Edwards looked me in the eyes and said, ‘you can reason with her now.” I still cry, several years later, when I remember those words. They were true then and are still true to this day. Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs have given me my daughter back. I have since recommended their clinic to several friends, all of who have come back and thanked me because they were able to get their children back as well. I highly recommend Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs for any issues you or your child might be facing.

Family Systems Work

Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs has guided me back from a devastating anxiety that crippled me 5 years ago, and along the way have led me to other professionals who would lend yet another healing hand to my journey. I can say with all sincerity that my healing has been largely due to your amazing knowledge of neurotherapy, great stories, warm heart-to-heart talks and your openness to share your wisdom.


We had one of my daughters previously work with Chris Edwards and had great success. So, when my other daughter needed help, and we couldn’t have Chris…. I pouted. And was guarded. I am very protective of my children. But, slowly, over time, through Alexa’s genuine care and concern not just for my daughter, but for me, and she became a trusted advisor and I looked forward to our time together. I appreciated Alexa’s insight and advice. I was thankful for how she cared for my daughter and gave her tough love when needed. And, encouraged me that I could do the same, even though I was afraid I would break her because of all the pain she was already dealing with.

My daughter is currently in other therapy. The combination of what she learned from Alexa with this has really helped her. She is more confident. She is happier. And she isn’t saying ‘sorry’ nearly as much! She is trying new things. She is speaking up for her needs and wants. And she isn’t taking on how others react as her responsibility anymore.
Alexa has helped my daughter. And she has helped me. I am truly thankful!