Edward Macdonald BA, NPC, MCC


Edward Macdonald

Edward is currently a Neurotherapist and Coach at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs. He has worked at the intersections of human potential and development, applied neuroscience, coaching, and education for his entire career. He holds numerous certifications and credentials, the most notable being his Master Certified Coach credential with the ICF (International Coach Federation) and his NeuroPositive Coach Licensure from the Applied Neuroscience Institute under the direction of Dr. William Larkin, Ph.D. (Harvard) and Dr. Donald Johnson, Ph.D. (Yale), with whom he also completed a multi-year fellowship. He has attained his certifications in Basic Brain Anatomy, and Foundations in EEG & Neurofeedback Training from Dr. Steven Stockdale, Ph.D., Alpha-Stim and Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation, along with in-depth Counselor Training through Caring for the Heart, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in History with a minor in Psychology.

Edward has worked with hundreds of clients, from students and young professionals to executives and seasoned entrepreneurs. He loves working with any clients who are willing to really dig deep and lean into the exciting unknown of major life transitions and transmuting trauma into perspective, wisdom, and growth.

He is a natural and gifted trainer and teacher, who excels at using examples, analogies, and word pictures to make complex concepts click. He is a passionate learner himself, and is always researching something new. He is fascinated by the theory of neuroplasticity – the concept that the brain has infinite potential to grow, heal, and change – and the research that is being done on the neuroscience of awareness and insight. He is thrilled to get to combine the conversational models of coaching with the science of neurofeedback to help his clients gain increased levels of awareness. Underpinned by his belief in neuroplasticity and that his clients are inherently capable, resourceful, and whole, he knows that this work has the power to impact human potential in new ways.

A serial entrepreneur and life-long learner, Edward enjoys learning, building, developing, and maximizing just about anything, from old cast iron and cars to Shakespeare and painting to spreadsheets and organizational systems. He currently operates several businesses with his wife and life partner, Brittany, who is also an MCC coach.

He resides with Brittany and their daughters, Sophia and Olivia and their big, red dog, Lexie in Colorado Springs, where they enjoy the food scene, as well as never-ending places to adventure in the mountains.