At Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs we specialize in individualized care. We offer an hour-long consultation to all that are interested and take the time to hear your story.

We are, by far, the most experienced team in town. We combine this experience with cutting edge technology, state of the art data analysis, and our specialized knowledge of integrative/functional medicine. Our highly sought after approach, in combination with our top-notch referral sources has allowed us to offer successful care that we are now teaching to other practices nationwide. We aren’t just participating in the field, we are helping to define it.

You will find that we are more than just dedicated professionals that talk the talk, we walk the walk as well. We engage in all of the treatment modalities that we ask our patients to engage in. This isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are. We are every bit as much craftsmen and artists as we are studied professionals.

Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs Office


There is no “one size fits all” care available in our office.

Our brand of neurotherapy is a blend of the many different services we offer to meet the individualized needs of every client we work with. It is born out of the understanding that neurofeedback itself is not enough. In fact, for many, the outward symptom that manifests as a brain issue may very well have began as another issue entirely. While the resulting electrical anomaly is absolutely in need of attention, very often, there are many layers that have built up over time. As these layers build up, we regularly see a network of intertwined issues evolve. Our experience level and our continual quest to develop an understanding of all of these possible layers has brought forth a wide array of services to offer each client. We offer; state of the art testing, biofeedback, neurofeedback, neurodevelopmental therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and psychotherapy amongst many other modalities to successfully treat a wide range of issues. We aren’t just looking to “fix” the problem. Our aim is to educate and assist in changes that enhance brain health to ensure long-term gains.

We work with individuals ages four to 100 that present symptoms related to, but not limited to, anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, concussions, TBIs, autism, Asperger’s, trauma, PTSD, sensory issues, tics, insomnia as well as performance enhancement training.

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