Professional Consulting

Dr. Steven Stockdale is highly sought after, nationally and internationally, for his knowledge, expertise, and mentorship in qEEG evaluations, data analysis, neurofeedback training, patient supervision, and treatment plan development. He has over 31 years of experience in training healthcare professionals across the world who are interested in utilizing these innovative techniques in their practice. Dr. Stockdale is also an internationally known speaker on qEEG and neurofeedback and is a teacher providing mentorship credits for professionals interested in certification for neurofeedback through the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA).

Dr. Stockdale guides professionals in learning to collect their own qEEG data. Once data has been collected, he will artifact and process the data to create the patient’s report. Following which, Dr. Stockdale will schedule a phone consultation with the professional to review the patient’s data, develop a neurofeedback protocol, and create an effective treatment plan. He is available for continued case consultation, throughout treatment. He has honed a process for working remotely that allows him to answer questions while the patient is engaging in neurofeedback training. This allows the professional and Dr. Stockdale an ‘in real time’ look at the patient’s brainwave activity and offer up the best course of action. Dr. Stockdale has used this unique process to successfully train, coach, and supervise professionals around the globe.


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Cell: (719) 229-2831