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Chris is bringing his 27 years of experience in the fields of research, mental health, and neuroscience, to offer a variety of classes and workshops in our beautiful lecture space as well as traveling to businesses in Colorado. He presents on a variety of topics including:

*The Neuroscience of Vision Boards

This is a class that moves well beyond the “Hey let’s get together, cut out a lot of fun pictures and make a pretty collage of things we want”. This is a powerful class that; probes into how the brain works, looks at what the brain does with change, examines how we filter in/out information, and teaches us to capitalize on the ‘imagination vs. reality’ paradox. You will learn to pull these elements together to build your own vision board that helps to identify goals and personal roadblocks and bring about lasting positive changes in your life, throughout your life.

Advanced Neuroscience of Vision Boards

This is a part 2 class to The Neuroscience of Vision Boards which is a prerequisite. In this class we will be sitting down in a small group and dig deeper into the questions you have come up with in building your vision board. We will be using examples of vision boards to explain the many ways to use and refine your own. We will be using a small group format to answer questions and enter into discussions that will be beneficial to all attendees. With our staff present, we will then work with you individually to answer your more personal and specific questions. The goal is for you to take home new ideas, pictures and thoughts for you to refine your own vision board.

*Simple Rules of Communication

There are three very simple rules to communication. One, everyone wants to be heard. Two, everyone wants to be heard. And three, everyone wants to be heard! We could solve so many of our own issues in our personal life and at work if we all knew how to communicate effectively. Most of us think we communicate well, and the truth is most of us have fallen into some pretty bad habits when it comes to communication. We need to learn to actively listen, provide appropriate feedback, and feel heard in order to believe that communication has been effective. Learn why “attitude and intention are everything”. Learn to build a personal communication philosophy. This ‘back to the basics’ class on communication teaches a simple but highly effective model for communication that can be used at home or in the workplace with all ages.

*Drama Triangle vs. TED/Fixed vs. Growth Mindset/Problem vs. Solution Focused

Are you familiar with any of those three terms? Are you only familiar with one or two? We believe a working knowledge of these three concepts is integral on a multitude of levels. Learning how these concepts overlap and comingle with each other is enlightening to say the least. Learning to use this knowledge as a navigation tool in your everyday life is a game changer. This is a class that helps you understand and identify the above stated dynamics. Once you know what they are and how to identify them, you will learn what you can do about the challenges they bring to your day to day life. This is, without a doubt, one of those pieces of information that we teach and regularly hear feedback along the lines of, “I use this every day. It has changed the way I see the world and the way I function in it!” Sometimes we teach a class from the simple standpoint of, “Everyone needs to know this information”. This is one of those classes.

*Understanding Trauma/PTSD

The more we research and learn about trauma the more we realize how prevalent it is. This is a class that we offer to professional offices, as a courtesy to our community and in honor of all those who have been through and lived with their own trauma. Most healthcare providers will say that there have been many clients they haven’t been able to help even though testing tells them, without a doubt, what the problem is. Even the most revered and learned healthcare providers, with all of the skills they possess, will tell you this is true. Over the last decade, our office has come to understand a very simple truth. Almost ubiquitously, at the root of these cases, is trauma of some sort. Trauma changes the brain, taxes the body’s resources, and runs the central nervous system into overdrive. The body literally can’t heal when there is active trauma running in the background. We would be honored to come to your office and educate you on how to identify these clients, explain what is happening to the body and brain, the interference patterns it causes, and inform you on the best way to help. We also offer insight into how to adjust your office and office procedures to best accommodate these clients.

*indicates that there is a business version of this class