Tanya Johnson, BS

Tanya johnson

Tanya Johnson

Tanya Johnson is currently the Administrative Manager and Coach at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs. Tanya has spent much of her life in service to others through mentorship, peer mentoring with TAPS organization, and being the one that many often look to for guidance. She completed her Associate of Arts degree in Business, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from University of Phoenix. She attended Walden University in pursuit of a MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, where she discovered that she wanted to help others but not in that capacity. This began her journey of pursuing life coaching. Tanya obtained her Master Certified Life Coach certification through Certified Life Coach Institute and will continue the process of credentialing to become an Associate Certified Coach (ACC).  In addition, she received her certification in Alpha-Stim and Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation. Tanya served in the United States Army as a medic, learning everything from giving IV’s and taking blood to making appointments and maintaining patient charts. After an Honorable Discharge, Tanya went on to work in many different fields, and like a sponge soaked up a wealth of knowledge and skills on the way.

Tanya loves working with clients who are ready to do the work and step into the unknown to get through whatever obstacle they are facing. She sees this as a collaborative experience and hopes to empower her clients and help them recognize how capable they are. She is often heard saying “there is a process of unbecoming that takes place in healing, the unbecoming to become”. Tanya has also experienced trauma and understands firsthand the importance of having someone hold space for you, this is an important part of her work. She believes that everyone has the capability to change their course and create the life that they deserve and desire.

Even as a child, Tanya has shown a genuine love for and desire to be of service to others and has always had the unique ability to connect with people. Often, people will start talking with her with ease and comfort without knowing why or how. Tanya’s friends and family say that it is her energy that invites people to be comfortable and share. Also, the personal challenges that she has faced and has overcome allow her to be compassionate and empathic to others. Tanya can often be heard saying, “people just want to be heard and seen” and “being present in that person’s moment can make a difference in their day”. Ultimately, this journey has led her to Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs. “I feel like I finally found the place I was meant to be, coming to work does not feel like work, and I truly look forward to each day”.

When Tanya is not working, she is spending time with her 3 wonderful children. She has a host of close friends and family here and makes it a point to spend time. Family is very important to her. Tanya is also a writer, loves to read, listen to music, and travel.