The Mindsets of Neurotherapy

The Mindsets of NeurotherapyWe call our treatment modality “neurotherapy” because we focus on a broad spectrum of healing modalities that encompass the whole biological system, not just the brain. Neurotherapy is exactly what we do – provide therapeutic interventions to heal your brain. And when you heal your brain, you open up the doors to heal your entire system. We have spent years honing our techniques and partnering with a strong community that bring many unique methods for the benefit of our clients. We believe everyone is unique, and with your uniqueness, one size will not fit all. We spend an incredible amount of time tailoring this process to you by listening, processing, deliberating, and collaborating. You are important and we deeply honor your journey and willingness to get to the core of your experience.

The Mindsets of Neurotherapy

The Mindsets of NeurotherapyThere are a few key mindsets that serve our clients well as they commit to the neurotherapy process. Showing up with mindfulness and intention to every session in order to be an active participant, and not a passive recipient in the process will ensure you are reaping the maximum benefits of each session with us.

Non-judgmental curiosity will also serve you well – in this practice with us, and in your daily life. Showing up with an attitude that is flexible and open will enable you to learn and grow through the process of neurotherapy, to bring and co-create an agenda for sessions with your practitioner, to gain awareness and insight in sessions and apply what you have learned in between sessions through experimentation, failure, learning, and change.

Ultimately, repetition of this learning process results in new layers of self-awareness and meta-cognition. This accelerated unfolding is perhaps the most exciting piece of neurotherapy, allowing unparalleled levels of insight and growth.

What we do is heavily based in neuroscience and the discovery of neuroplasticity. That is, as long as the brain is alive, it has infinite potential to grow, heal, and change. As Professor Dan Siegel says, “Where attention goes, neural firing flows, and neural connection grows.” Or, put more simply, what you focus on grows.

All of what we do here at Neurotherapy of Colorado Springs is an active, mutual partnership. We believe in a parallel model that puts the client and practitioner on an equal footing with no hierarchy. Our clients truly get out of treatment what they put into it and bring to it. This radical level of client ownership is part of our success.