Nutrition and Health Coaching

Briana Cruz is our in-house certified nutritionist and health coach. Her approach to nutrition is understanding the unique story of each individual, their environment, and the timeline that led to their current situation. By identifying the root causes, she aims to heal issues rather than just managing them superficially.

Oftentimes in the world of healthcare, there can be a lot of “noise” that can feel like wellness is really expensive, or exclusive, or requires a lot of tools, efforts, and gadgets. When in reality, at the core of wellness, healing, and strengthening our body comes down to small steps and habits that you practice consistently, while also knowing the “why” behind those practices.

What does Nutrition have to do with the Brain?

Nutrition and Health CoachingIt is important to address the many layers of health. The unique blend of neurotherapy and nutritional coaching allows us to address contributors to poor health that other clinics may not be able to. Our detox organs are under the direction of our brain. When we are stressed, when we are in a constant state of hyperarousal, our detox organs cannot be optimized, fertility will be downregulated and our body’s ability to heal will be compromised.

We also understand the deep interconnections between the digestive system and the brain. It is known that many of our neurotransmitters are produced in the gut. Your brain cannot have the necessary energy and building blocks for new neural pathways if nutrition is left out of the equation. It’s like asking your muscles to get stronger when you don’t fuel yourself properly. Optimizing nutrition is an integral piece to the success of neurotherapy. It also provides you with long-term practices that help you maintain the progress made during the course of treatment. We aim to build up your toolbox so when you complete treatment, you are well armed to handle many of the “ups” and “downs” of our human experience.

We can move our bodies and sweat out toxins, we can change out the cookware, we can reduce the fragrance, we can try our best to detoxify our lives and eat a healthier diet and those things are necessary, but, at the end of the day, it comes down to the nervous system. By addressing the nervous system, incorporating means of support and safety, and providing the tools, practitioners, and community to help the whole system, we allow these healthy habits to make the greatest impact possible.

What to Expect:

  • Fundamentals of keeping a food journal to understand what foods may be triggering imbalances in your gut microbiome (and why noting emotional reactions is just as important as physical reactions)
  • Develop an understanding of why being a part of the cycle of your food (soil->plate->compost), instead of being disconnected from its origin, matters for your gut health just as much as what you eat.
  • Education about how stress can be a huge catalyst for change. Learning how to use it wisely and see it differently is key to overcoming it.
  • Anxiety is a sacred messenger telling you something that needs to be addressed in your body (nutrient deficiencies, blood sugar dysregulation, etc.)
  • Quality of food matters: learn how to read labels, read between the lines, and choose nutritious options to fuel your body effectively.
  • Why we’re simply “hosts to a bacterial banquet” and need to preserve our microbiome for long term, inside-out beauty.
  • The role genetics play and how epigenetics can actually turn off diseases.
  • Evidence-based techniques
  • Personalized nutrition advice
  • Lifestyle strategies
  • Mindset practices
  • Ongoing accountability
  • Tips and tricks for navigating your unique obstacles.